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The End

It is the end of the semester and the end of the blog for this class.
I am really glad I took this class as I am very versed in all things vampire now. While I had recently before I took this class become interested in the vampire genre I was not thoroughly versed as I am now. I can recognize themes and chracteristics of a vampire story and foreshadowing of what is to come. I can understand vampire stories more.
It was really a fun class and I got to read novels and stories I may not have otherwise while I also got to read ones I was already interested in.
Thank you, Mrs. Foster! 🙂


Romantic Vampires

When we began this semester vampires were scary, gross and ugly. Now they are sexy, beautiful and desired. How did this happen??

When the first vampire stories were written people still believed vampires to be real. Unreliable healthcare, diseases and being uneducated were the cause. There were problems with what to do with the dead bodies because of wars and diseases there were too many dead bodies and sometimes they would float out of the ground during flooding and I can understand why that would be creepy and can lead one to believe in dead bodies getting up by themselves and doing scary things in the night. People not knowing the way a dead body looks after being dead for some time led to the belief and fear of a dead body moving about and doing things. Blood would be found in the mouth after death and people thought the body had turned into a vampire and had drank blood, gums in the mouth retreat a bit after death as the body looses liquids so they shrink making teeth look longer, all of these things people did not know and had not studied therefore making vampires more possible since these things were not scientifically explained. Also now we know that drinking blood would make that blood go into the stomach and then into the intestines and not anywhere else and could not animate a dead body, but at the thime Dracula was written this was not known. Since vampires were feared to be real it makes sence that they would be scary and if they got you it would be like rape, unwanted.
As people became educated and it became known that vampires do not exist then people can fictionalize them and make them not so scary. But how did they become romantic and desirable? I mean who can resist the superhuman strength? The sparkly skin? The perfect beauty? I guess it is just the progression of the story, where else can it go? From scary to sexy, from one side of the pendulum to the other.


I was waaay into Twilight waaay before the majority of people were. A friend who is into anime told me about it right when it came out and we read it together. I even went to a book signing and have my very own copy of Twiligh with Stephanie Meyer’s autograph on it, and even made my boyfriend ask her if they ever got to “consumate their relationship” [Mrs. Meyer did not answer but said to “keep reading” hehehe, they did get to!!]
I know, I know, so many people hate the movie, the books, the sparkly vampires and the whole Team Edward vs. Team Jacob crap but I think I like it because at the root it is a teenage love story and I am only 22 years old so I still remember being 15,16,17,18 oh what am I talking about, even now, and being sooo in love with someone to the point of obsession and when with my head I know it is creepy and weird for a guy to look at you while you sleep through your window I still do find it somehow romantic.
Yes the relationship between Bella and Edward is a bit unhealthy. He is ridiculously, obsessively protective of her, Bella’s mother points it out to her [which sadly my brain interprets as romantic] to a point where it gets a little annoying. And Bella is portrayed as not caring about anything or really anyone else besides Edward. How quickly they fall in love and decided this is IT for them is unhealthy too, but that’s how it’s the REAL DEAL [or you’re an obsessive teenager]. The whole town is a dark and stormy night, even though the Cullens can go out during the day they just have to live in a gloomy environment [or they’ll sparkle if exposed to the sun’s rays]. The woman in peril is very exaggerated with Bella being a complete klutz and Edward constantly coming to her rescue.

Blade & Buffy

Even though Blade’s “action” scenes were horrible I thought the movie was interesting and intriguing.
Blade is a vampire hybrid, he was born a vampire which should make him pure, but his mother was human who was bit by a vampire while pregnant. This movie has the audience sympathise with the vampire because he kills other vampires. Blade has made it his mission in life to kill the bad vampires. He is a slayer of his own kind and this makes us sympathise with him and root for him. The movie had comic book characteristics in it with good versus evil in its core. It included an appocalypse where the bad guy wants to entirely change the world and the good guy, Blade, stopping him. It had the hero come back to life right when we all thought evil had won [of course not!] and it had comic book violence where the hero is in the least amount of danger during a fight scene because we all know he is versatile in judo, karate, kung fu and any other type of fighting skills he may need no matter against who it is, the good guy will always win!
The major theme is revenge which is what Blade is doing when he kills off the vampires.

Buffy is a tv show about a vampire slayer teenage girl. It’s a little silly but I used to be in love with this show.
Buffy is a bit of a hybrid herself because she is not entirely like a normal teenage girl. She stakes vampires in her free time. The major theme is self sacrifice. Buffy is constantly sacrificing herself, whether it be her heart, when she pushes Angel into the opening of hell[?] even though she loved him or when she dies to save the world. The hero always comes back to life though, but Buffy wonders if she came back wrong. She does things and then feels bad for doing them, like having sex with Spike, she is unable to accept that she is a vampire slayer who likes having rough sex with a vampire and is forever tortured by that.

Shadow of the Vampire

I thought this movie was very interesting because it was made to be that a vampire was playing an actor playing a vampire. The director of the movie is a very crazy obsessed with making his movie at all costs, even death of everyone [but him], man who makes a deal with a vampire who will be the vampire in his movie and as payment will get the girl. [The director is a very cold-hearted person since the girl is his girlfiend/wife something and he is giving her to the vampire so that his movie will be the best one ever!] Even as the vampire kills off the actors and everyone around the director yells at him to wait till the film is done because they still need those actors. He drugs the girl so that she stops freaking out because she understands Count Orloc is really a vampire, just so that she will finish the scene and the movie will be completed. The movie was very gothic, with Count Orloc being very Dracula-like, the pointy ears, protruding canine teeth and all around creepy and not sexy appearance. Oh and the long scary claws he had for nails!
Nonetheless it was very interesting because it was a copy of Dracula but with the names changed and a real vampire playing the vampire in the movie.

Dead Until Dark

I was so excited to read Dead Until Dark because I knew it was the book the HBO True Blood show was based on! I have seen the three seasons of the show and am completely obsessed with it now!! [AND CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FORTH SEASON!!]
While it was a bit different from the show it was mostly the same and I thoroughly enjoyed it! That may have to do with me just loving a good romance which this book was!
It was very entertaining because the horoine is a mind reader! Not just a regular normal girl but one with her own special powers, even though she does not like having that “disability”. [I personally would love to be able to delve into other’s heads and see what they think about, but that’s just me bing curious and I guess nosy..] I thought it was finally time to give the damsel in distress her own powers, not just the vampire with the exceptional beauty and superhuman strength.
Vampire story themes in Dead Until Dark include the woman in peril, Bill saves her from the “Rat Couple” when they come back and try to beat her to death, but this story was a little different because Sookie was the one who saved Bill first, which I thought was an interesting twist from the old fashioned tales. The story even had an abandoned castle! Bill’s house which used to belong to his ancestors was abandoned and he moved right in. Sookie is even afraid of him sometimes, but she falls in love and of course overlooks this little fact.

While I love this book and the True Blood series I am curious to read the rest and watch the show too and see if she ends up with Bill at the end. The story still has a woman in peril who is “protected” very possesively by her very manly vampire boyfriend.

The Emperor of Ice Cream

Poetry is usually ambiguous, or that could be just me not understanding it, so I had to reread the poem a few times. While I find it very distastefull to have any reference to ice cream in a poem about death I will try to understand it.
The setting is the unnamed dead woman’s house and the people in the poem are presumably her family and friends. “The wenches dwadle in such dress as they are used to” implies they are not “dressed up” as one might on a funeral and the “boys bring flowers in last month’s newspapers” implies this is not a “special” occasion. Either the people do not care the woman is dead or they are poor and can’t afford flowers wrapped in cellophane from the florist and proper funeral attire, but I think it is probably both. The poem states “let be be finale of seem”, this means to me that death is final and isn’t such an important or unsual thing, it happens all the time, every day actually. While one person dies others continue to live. The ice cream represents life, even around death people still lust for life. Ice cream being a dessert and usually representing summer and fun being put into a funeral setting represents a heavy contrast between the living and the dead. The woman’s feet are exposed, a sheet is covering her face but her calloused feet show to represent her mortallity while she lays there “cold and dumb”- dead and silenced forever.
The poem foreshadows of what is to come which is death but to also show that even in death others continue to live and go on in life.